How To Win Better Adwords Ad Placements

There are many factors that Google Adwords take into consideration which determines whether your ad will be shown in the top place or the fourth place. Here are the factors that determine this:

  • Your bid
  • Ad formats enabled
  • Expected click-through rates (CTR). The likelihood your ad will be clicked on determines your ad’s position
  • Ads relevancy
  • Landing page experience

Every time your ad is eligible it goes into Google Adwords auction system. The system then determines whether not it will actually show, the position it will appear and how much you will pay.

Quality Score

In addition, to bid, there are four more elements that enter into the rank equation.Together, these made up what is known as your Quality Score.

  1. Bid Amount. This is the maximum amount you are willing to pay for a user to click on your ad and visit your site.
  2. Expected clickthrough rate (CTR).  The prediction of how often your ad will get clicked when shown for a keyword.
  3. Landing page experience. A positive landing page will include relevant and original content, easy to navigate and articulates your business clearly.
  4. Ad Relevancy. This analysis the language in your ad to determine how well it relates to the search query.
  5. Creating Ad Formats. For example, using various ad extensions like a site link to a page on your website, your address, or phone number may serve to bolster your rank. 

The Quality Score is set up by Google to identify and reward quality ads. It’s ranked as 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.

Ad Rank

Ad Rank is the value to determine the position of your ad and whether your ads will be shown at all. Ads with the highest rank get priority placement.

The Ad Rank is determined is by the quality score and your ad formats. Which means that even if your competitor bids higher than you, you can still get a higher position with highly relevant keywords and ads.

Ad Rank is influenced by three factors: your bid, available ad formats, and components of your Quality Score.

Ad Rank matters because it determines your ad position (where ads appear on the page). In fact, it determines whether your ad will show at all.

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