Tips For Writing Killer Text Ads For Google Adwords

Using Google Adwords Text Ads is a simple yet powerful way to get more customers to visit your website.

Since the growth of mobile, Google recently added expanded text ads – a format optimized for mobile. Allowing you more control over your message by providing users with more information. Here is an example of a standard text ad:

Here is an example of a standard text ad:

And here an example of an expanded text ad:

Pro tips for Expanded Text Ads:

  • Include at least one of your keywords in the headline
  • Include a ‘path field’ – For example, your final URL should look something like this This gives readers an idea of the content they will be seeing once they click.
  • Use the description to highlight unique details about your product and/or service.

To write an effective ad you need to ensure it’s specific, relevant, attractive and empowering. Here are a few tips:

  • Highlight what makes you unique
  • Use call to actions like ‘Book online today’
  • Include your sale promotions
  • Include search words in your text
  • Create unique landing pages to take customers to the right content.

Landing pages are just as critical to the success of a text ad, it will directly affect your Ad Rank, cost-per-click (CPC) and position in the ad auction. A poorly designed landing page will result in your ads showing less.

A few pro tips to creating great landing pages:

  • offer relevant, useful and original content
  • Be open and transparent, don’t let the customer guess what it is you are offering.
  • Ensure the site is optimized for desktop and mobile.
  • Be sure to have a fast loading landing page.

You also need to use ad extensions. This feature shows additional information about your business. A few examples:

  • Quick links to multiple pages on your site i.e. store locator, store hours, promotions.
  • A button for people to call you directly.
  • Show customer reviews and ratings.
  • Button to install your App.
  • Location details – map, directions, phone number

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About the author : Carey Dodd

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