How Much Does A Responsive Website Cost?

First off let me start by saying if any agency differentiates a ‘website’ to a ‘responsive website’ you should be concerned. Every single website must and should be responsive. Why? Because in South Africa the number of smartphone users is estimated to reach 18.48 million and is expected to reach over 25 million by 2022. Your next customer is going to view your website on a mobile phone or tablet. Therefore it is imperative it is a responsive design.

What does responsive web design mean? It is to create a website with optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. A site which can be viewed on any type and size of a device which is easy to read and navigate with the least panning, zooming and resizing required.

Having a website today is essential for any business. Whether you’re selling products or providing a service to a business, your next customer wants to see what you have to offer online before they contact you. And yes you’re going to need a website that is Search Engine Optimized, but we won’t go into the cost of SEO services in this post.

So what does a responsive website cost these days in South Africa?

If you’re looking for a simple 3-5 page website. A site structure which includes a homepage, services, about us, contacts page and section for blog posts you are going to pay in the region between R2,000 up to R30,000. The cost variation is really dependent on the functionality you require, for example:

  • API Integrations. If you need additional integration (social media, web forms, email systems etc.) the time taken to set up integration is an added cost.
  • Content. If you need the content written for your website, this is an added cost based the number of pages needed and the time taken to write the content.
  • Images. Image sourcing and designing will add to this cost if you require stock images or custom designed images.

Should your business require an e-commerce website to sell products, this cost is going to vary anything from R20,000 to over R1 million. Once again this cost is going to depend on the platform and functionality required:

  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Shipping/Courier Integration
  • Product loading of your products
  • Social Media Integration
  • Wish lists
  • Vendor Integration
  • Facebook Shop Integration

This list goes on, depending on the type of product you’re selling and your overall business goals.

If you need a responsive website developed for your business, or simply need to upgrade your existing site. Check out our affordable website design options.

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