6 Content Marketing Trends In 2017

The term ‘Content Marketing’ has been around for a number of years. Many businesses are doing it well, others not. Content is still king.

Marketing teams are being challenged on a daily basis to be more innovative, cost effective and bring in new business. Content marketing tactics that worked last year, aren’t necessarily working well this year. The customer landscape is changing on a daily basis, from behavior patterns to the decision making process.¬† The key is knowing how to create unique content that is of real value to your ideal prospects and in turn creates new customers for your business.

What exactly are the latest trends in content marketing? We list below 6 trends to watch out for:

Documented Strategy

According to CMI, 44% of marketers have a content marketing strategy in mind but it’s not documented. Documenting your content marketing strategy helps to create a clear overview of your business goals.

It helps to ensure you follow the necessary steps in creating buyer personas to ensuring you are creating relevant content. And it helps to make sure your writers are sticking to the strategy.

Visual Content

More and more brands are getting creative with their content efforts. Marketers need to be more creative with their content formats to break through the online clutter.

Search engines are getting better at reading images, this helps them to determine the niche of a website.

According to CMI, 65% of senior marketers believe visual content is the core to telling a brand’s story.

Content formats such as memes, gifs, infographics etc. will be seen more in 2017.


Millions of blogs and articles are being published each day. The online sphere is cluttered with content on the same topics.

Marketers need to get down to more specific areas of their niche in the years to come.

Writing a post about a specific area of your niche can help generate more readers and trafic to your website.

User-Generated Content

Everyone has an opinion and wants to share it. They do this by sharing on posts, comments, tweets, images and we will see more brands taking advantage of this in 2017.

Marketers need to look at more creative ways of creating content by other people, because 85% of people trust content made by other people than content created by companies.

Content Promotion

Priority is being placed on content promotion and distribution. Content creation is no longer the primary focus, promoting this content is.

Because these days highly engaging content doesn’t necessarily work without promoting it to the right audience.

More companies will be using paid promotion to get their content directly in front of the right target audience.

Video Content

Videos are increasingly becoming the most successful type of content today.

Google revealed that 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store.

In 2016, 61% of businesses used video as a critical tool in marketing campaigns.

And in 2017, 85% of businesses are likely to begin or continue to use video.

Thanks to social media, more people and companies are producing videos daily. Facebook Live has seen great exposure and success with a 4x increase in usage since May 2016.


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Content Marketing Trends

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