How To Win Better Adwords Ad Placements

There are many factors that Google Adwords take into consideration which determines whether your ad will be shown in the top place or the fourth place. Here are the factors that determine this: Your bid Ad formats enabled Expected click-through rates (CTR). The likelihood your ad will be clicked on determines your ad’s position Ads […]

Google Adwords Targeting Best Practice

Google Adwords offers a rich set of targeting tools. Targeting people who are searching for items you sell is a great way to find an interested audience. Google Search Network People search for words or phrases similar to your keywords on Google, you can display your ads alongside those search results. Locating targeting helps you […]

Tips For Writing Killer Text Ads For Google Adwords

Using Google Adwords Text Ads is a simple yet powerful way to get more customers to visit your website. Since the growth of mobile, Google recently added expanded text ads – a format optimized for mobile. Allowing you more control over your message by providing users with more information. Here is an example of a […]